ATTILA can be installed on a network with up to 1000 computers on it.

It is recommended that CAT5 cabling be used running at 1Gb/s, perferably using the TCP/IP protocol. Using Coaxial cabling and/or 100mb/s signalling will not give adequate response times.

Switching hubs should be used to connect up the network.

Network Problems

As some sites have experienced speed problems. This has always proved to be due networking problems. E.g.

1 or more network cards running at 100mb/s

faulty hub

bad cabling

In many cases of bad wiring, the system will continue running.  Even if 90% of data packets are corrupted as they cross the network, the system will simply resend them until they are received correctly.  The only visible symptom of the problem will be a 1Gb/s network running at the same speed as a 100mb/s one.

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