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COMPIFORCE is based in Central England, and was founded in 1985 as a computer consultancy. We offer personal service and continuous backup.

COMPIFORCE specialises in the supply and support of a complete range of Debt Collection and Litigation software for Debt Collectors, Enforcement Officers, Local Authorities, Finance Houses, Corporations, High Court Enforcement Officers, Solicitors and Enquiry Agents.

COMPIFORCE also provides consultancy services covering all aspects of the Debt Recovery process.

Web access from a browser to cases on your web server.


We develop all our software in-house, and continually enhance our products.  This makes it easy to provide the most up-to-date product in the market place.

This website contains information on all the services COMPIFORCE provide.

WebATTILA also allows users to add new cases or payments to your system.

Full security so users can only see their own cases.

COMPIFORCE produces a range of software for Debt Collectors, Enforcement Officers, Lawyers, Credit Controllers, High Court Enforcement Officers and Enquiry Agents. It has been in use since 1985, and covers all stages of debt recovery : pre-litigation, litigation and post-litigation enforcements.

ATTILA can be used for all classes of Debt (consumer, commercial, Inland Revenue, VAT, Commercial Rent Arrears, Council Tax, NNDR, Parking Fines, High Court Sheriff actions, HP defaults, Credit-Card arrears, etc). It can also handle Arrest Warrants, Tracing Enquiries, Repossessions and Loans.

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