All aspects of debt recovery are handled, with complete automation available: automatic import of debts, automatic generation of documents, automatic handling of payments and finally, automatic clearing of paid-off debts, i.e. the entire debt recovery process can be automated.

Alternatively, any (or even all) stage(s) of the recovery process can be manual, letting the user select between different actions.

Compiforce’s debt recovery software includes support for Summons, Judgments, Warrants, Third Party Orders, Repossessions, Charging Orders, Attachments-of-Earnings, etc. Many other document types are supported, and additional ones can be added easily.


ATTILA is a Debt Recovery System

Can be used for

Corporations and Small Business


Debt Collection Agencies

Credit Groups

Credit Protection Associations

Finance Houses

Local Authorities

Insurance Companies

ATTILA provides all the following

as standard

Letter Generation

Adaptive Action Sequences

Correspondence Log

Document Library

Grounds Library

Interest Calculation


Payment Monitoring

Legal Fees and Costs

Late Payment Charges

Collector Database

Report Generator

Courts Database (UK only)

3-days onsite training


ATTILA can be tailored to any Legal system and can be produced multi-lingual. ATTILA produces the paperwork for each case at the correct intervals. E.g.

Letters requesting payment

Telephone chasing lists

Internal Memos

Letter Before Action

Summons or Writ-of-Summons

+ 300 – 400 other different documents

Optional modules

produce a range of litigation documents

Default Judgment

Warrant of Execution

Writ of FiFa


Statutory Demand

Attachment of Earnings

Charging Order

Third Party Order

Oral Examination

Creditors Bankruptcy

Additional documents can be defined/added, and existing ones customised or omitted. Wording and layout of every document is customisable using ATTILA’s report generator.

Generation of Court Documents

ATTILA supports a vast range of Court Documents, in several different jurisdictions (Others can be added on request).

For legal systems that allow it, ATTILA can directly generate court documents that can then be taken to court for stamping and issuing.  Legal documents can be printed onto plain paper, or boiler-plated onto pre-printed legal stationery.

If the Multiple-Defendants Module is installed, separate documents will be generated in the names of each of the co-defendants.

Actions on a case

ATTILA performs a series of actions for each case. (E.g. send a letter, produce a memo for telephone call, generate a Warrant.)  ATTILA lets you predefine a range of different action sequences.

Each client can then have their own chosen sequence; or ATTILA can select one that is appropriate to the case-type.

If a case deviates from the normal flow, ATTILA can automatically initiate a different action sequence. E.g. if a promised cheque does not arrive by the agreed date, ATTILA can switch to an “Overdue-Payment” sequence. E.g. this could send 1 warning-letter, then initiate legal action.

If payment arrears are cleared, ATTILA will terminate the “Overdue-Payment” sequence, and switch back to the original sequence.

Other Action Sequences that can handled

Visits to Debtors

Low Debts

Bounced Cheques

Summons No. Notification


ATTILA handles all payments. It monitors stage payments (and interest where appropriate). When the debtor’s payments have cleared, ATTILA automatically generates repayments to the Client and optionally appropriate invoices.

ATTILA also handles payments from the client to pay off invoices. These can be allocated to a specific invoice or the earliest invoice. Statements can be produced chasing the client for payment. An optional Sales Ledger is available which allows the client to be chased for payment.

Fees and Commission

ATTILA calculates the commission and fees owing to the Debt Collector, and invoices the Client if and when required. Monies can be held back from that collected from defendants, or all returned to the Client.  In the latter case, ATTILA will invoice the Client, then wait for the invoice to be paid.

For commission, ATTILA supports many different charging schemes.  E.g. “Bill-on-receipt”, “Bill-on-completion”. The commission can be flat-rate, percentage with up to 7 bands per case, percentage up to a maximum, percentage with a minimum, etc. Other schemes allow individual commission for each action or letter, administration fees etc.

Local taxes (e.g. VAT) are calculated, collected and invoiced where appropriate.

Cheque clearance can be set per client.


ATTILA was designed from the beginning for fast case processing

Debtor details are only entered once.

If payments are made direct to the Client, everything else is automatic.

Selection, generation, and printing of letters is automatic.

Chasing overdue payments is automatic.

Paid-off cases are automatically archived after a selected interval.

With the optional Import module and all payments direct to the Client,

ATTILA can handle cases with NO manual actions AT ALL.

Cases can be imported via a bespoke program.

Reports can be exported to a .CSV file which can be imported to other systems. E.g. Microsoft Excel.

ATTILA systems can handle up to 1 million cases on a 1Gb/s network with a low-spec server.

Data Volumes

ATTILA is used by organisations ranging in size from 1-man businesses, up to Europe’s largest electronics company.

ATTILA can handle millions of active cases, yet is cost-effective for users with only a handful of live cases. The only practical limit on the case-throughput is the size and speed of the computer or server.

ATTILA can run on a cheap PC, or on high-performance server. It supports from 1 to a 1000 users.

ATTILA’s import and export facilities allow for large volumes to be handled with little or no manual intervention.

ATTILA has many housekeeping functions to handle bulk files with add or remove stops, reset cases to different sequences, write off cases from a given list of cases etc.

Office Management

ATTILA provides the tools to run an efficient office

Correspondence log


Management reports

Report Generator

Fast display of payment histories to answer enquiries

Automatic generation/printing of the day’s documents

Interface to Legacy Systems

ATTILA’s optional Import module can be customised to accept case, payment or

status data from most mainframe or UNIX systems. Cases can be imported at any stage:

Issuing Invoices

Chasing Overdue Invoices

Issuing Summonses

Issuing Judgments

Enforcing Judgments

Having imported a case, ATTILA can then pursue the action until full payment is collected, or the case is written off.

Language Support

ATTILA can produce documents, reports, letters and memos in any language or font (All screen displays are however in English).

ATTILA supports multi-currency.

Case Types Supported

ATTILA handles each type of case differently, and understands the special features of each (E.g. with credit-card arrears, it is often desirable to recover or destroy the card, as well as recovery the arrears).

The types of Debt Recovery that ATTILA supports include

Commercial Debts

Off-road Parking Fines

Former-tenant Arrears

Hire-Purchase Loan Arrears

Credit-Card Arrears

Personal-Loan Arrears

Housing benefit overpayment

Council sundry debts

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