Compiforce's Recovery Software

As a labour-saving aid, COMPIFORCE's recovery software performs all the calculations required by those in the Industry:

Agreement handling

APR Calculations

Bounced cheques

Client repayments


Compliance and Enforcement fees

Court fees

Export information to spreadsheets

Hire purchase

Import bulk data



Late payment charges

Overdue checking

Part payments

Solicitors costs

Statutory collection fees


Warrant fees

Compiforce's support service

ATTILA is configured with the User's own letters and wording. During installation, reports, letters and legal documents are aligned with customers' letterheads and printers. To help Users get started, we provide 3 months free software support.

24 hour helpdesk hotline

Problem diagnosis

Software upgrades

Updated software whenever court rules or legislation change

Consultancy service

Included in our package is 3 days of training. This is backed up by a software training manual. The course provides "hands on" experience and is comprehensive and thorough. We also supply extra training as required.

Modern Technology

ATTILA can exploit modern notebook PCs or tablets/smartphones to enter data whilst at the doorstep.  This can be directly into WebATTILA or loaded into a file which can then be uploaded to the main system or return to the office and then imported.

ATTILA can take advantage of VPN, Teamviewer etc to support off-site working.

Now available Web ATTILA to check and update cases via a browser over the Internet.

ATTILA uses a sophisticated Used Id system to protect data and gives an audit trail of every action performed (only supervisors have access to the audit trail).

Passwords management and security provides for forced passwords changing/blacklisting etc.

Facilities Management


Compiforce can schedule backups, letter and report runs etc and manage them for you using an online link.

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